Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Warning: Real Wound-- Not A Halloween One.

Kean is definitely feeling better and looking better.
He even got to go to church today-- his first time
in years at our congregation.
Let's just say, it was an exhausting experience.
Kean and I left halfway through and he immediately
fell asleep in the car.
(Wish I could have)!
 Byron stayed home and rotated from the bed to the couch.
He's already bored out of his mind.
Warning-- if you have a squeamish stomach-- 
but his swelling is holding steady and the "slice"
has stopped bleeding (finally).  He's grouchy
but doing fine.
 I have totally lucked out.
Holland learned just this week how to change
bandages at school (remember she goes
to that special medical high school)!
She has done most of the dirty work.
 In case you haven't overloaded on Halloween pictures,
I took the kids (plus one neighbor) out.
We visited a few of our favorite friends--
the Bodily's...
 the Kwids... (Gina was H and G's 2nd grade teacher),
 the Borup's (our dear, dear friends)...
 the Brinton's (oops, no picture) and Nancy Suiter
who lived next door to us until her home burned down a few
years back.  We have to keep tradition alive and visit
her each Halloween.
 Kean's not a huge candy man-- but had fun getting out
and high fiving every one.
He looked dang cute in his biker outfit-- complete
with tattooed arms and chest hair.
Guess he'll be giving most of his treats
to his dad (who is a candy man)!