Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hopelessly, Madly, Deeply (Make A Wish Part 3)

I've told you how spoiled we were with the never having to wait in lines.
Well, that coddling continued when it came to meeting the
"who's who" in central Florida.
In fact, Mr. Disney himself (along with several other super stars
in the eyes of my kids came to where we were staying).
 Kean was a bit taken by the beauty of Beauty.
She was so cute with the kids, signing autographs and
telling them how much she liked to read.
 And I don't know what it is about dogs, but Kean
was into Pluto
 and Goofy.  I think he would have been happy
to take either of them home as pets.
 I haven't quite figured out why there were "two" Woody Woodpeckers--
clearly, I am not a connoisseur of Woody cartoons.
But the duo was very sweet with the kids.
Santa even made an appearance one night at the Give Kids
the World Village where we stayed.
Kean easily recognized the big guy...
 and was so excited to (along with all the children)
pick out a Christmas present.
There was quite the selection and I guess it should
come as no surprise that Kean zeroed in on
a Tangled game with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
(but no Maximus).
He was so funny, he kept turning the box
over and over and just staring.
 When we got to the parks, the pampering continued.
We were whisked to the front of the lines
to meet with everyone from Spiderman...
 to Dug and Kevin (from one of our all time favorite movies: UP)...
and Kean totally loved on Dug.
 One of Kean's highlights was meeting Curious George
(he loves that cartoon).
We laughed and laughed as Kean covered Curious
George with kisses.
Kean kisses, by the way, are tiny little licks
(like a kitten).
Thankfully, George was a good sport.
 Barney was another big hit for the boy.
And then there were the ladies.
Kean just wanted to take Marge's necklace.
 But oh, how he thought Jasmine was beautiful.
 And then there was Alice.
Oh my, Kean fell hard and fast for the blonde.
 I have never seen this side of him.
He ogled and giggled.
He flirted and fawned.
He kissed her and played shy.
 The Disney photographer was going crazy over every picture he took.
He kept yelling, "Ooh, I got that.  Ooh, I got that one too".
 And this is how Kean was in all the group shots-- he just 
couldn't get close enough or enough of Alice.
It was the funniest thing ever.
It was right after this-- my favorite moments of the trip-
that some poor guy who had to wait an extra 8 minutes in line
because of this- came up to my mom to tell her "watching Kean
was worth every penny he paid for his admission to the park".
Couldn't agree more.
It was classic.