Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gobily, Gobily....

If I had written this post just last night, I would have
gushed on about how his rash is looking better every day.
That is until today.  When he got off the bus, his rash
had flared and is now down on his stomach.
 It's not as bad as it was... but I'm sure discouraged that
we took a step back.  It has now been over a month
of itchiness!
We head to the doctor on Tuesday for clinic and testing...
we'll see how things look then.
 Now onto some much happier news.
Kean has wanted to detour each morning and head to Grandpa
Bodily's instead of going to the bus stop.
 He has shortened Grandpa Bodily down to "Gobily"...
and as we steer him down to the bus stop, he wails and wails
for  "Gobily".
We just laugh and laugh!
p.s.  we go see "Gobily" after he gets off the bus at noon!