Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kean's Make A Wish Part Deaux

I'm totally giving you the cliff notes on our "spoiled rotten" vacation.
Otherwise, this post would go on and on even more...
At every park we went to (Disney World, Sea World
and Universal) we had the equivalent of Willy Wonka's 
Golden Ticket.
We'd walk up to a ride that for example had an hour wait
and a "cast member" would sweep us up, escort us the back
way to the exit of the ride and as the folks got off, they would put 
us right on the ride-- and usually let us pick where we wanted to sit.
Let me tell you, you can hit almost every ride you want-
when you don't have to wait in any lines.
It was incredible.
 If that wasn't enough, Greer was picked to be
the "kid" in the wand ceremony at the wand shop
from the Harry Potter movies.  She, of course, was thrilled.
 Not to be left out, Reese was offered the captain's
position (she got to drive the boat) for our jungle cruise
and during the big Lion King production-- Reese was
asked to come up and lead the crowd in a "Roar"
to get Simba to come out.
 And then later, she and a few other little girls
were called up on stage to dance around the room.
She was quite the little star.
We had sweet moments every day.
For example, when I went to get everyone a pineapple/ice cream
float-- the guy at the counter would only let me pay for two.
We had another time where a guy walked up to us, pulled out
his employee badge (he was off that day), asked us if we were
enjoying our wish trip and then offered to buy everyone a treat.
People were so very, very kind to us.
Kean was a riot.
He LOVED the rides.
In fact, the faster, the crazier-- the more he giggled.
He adored the roller coaster and even the scarier 3-D rides
like Spiderman.  He thought it was the best when the
bad guys threw a fire ball at him (and  the air got hot) or
when he got sprayed with water.
That kid.
It was so great.  He loved this flying Dinosaur ride and the
attendants could tell-- so they let him ride it FOUR TIMES
in a row.  He never got off.
 At Sea World we watched the Sea Lion and Walrus show
and Kean was in heaven when we all got splashed.
 The manager at the big Shamu show put us in the VIP / Reserved
front row-- (the splash zone) and Kean couldn't have been happier.
 They gave all the children trays of shrimp
to feed the Sting Rays (Holland got the willies).
 We got so much in-- it was crazy.
Kean amazed us with how good he was.
Every day, he petered out (as expected).
But at several places we went, they had special "Wish"
lounges specifically for kids like Kean to go to a quiet place and rest.
My mom volunteered to take him each day and they'd both
usually get a nap.  (Kean would crash for about two hours,
then my mom would call us and we'd hook up again for more fun.
 Half way through the week, we took the afternoon off
and headed to Coco beach for some down time.
Kean was hilarious.  He was so cold in the ocean, he was
shivering (loudly) but anytime we'd ask him if he wanted
to get out and get warm- he'd shakily reply "no, no, no"
through some very chattering teeth.
Once again, that kid!
Okay, this is getting way too long.
Tomorrow I'll post about my hands down favorite 
moment with Kean.
It was so great, a man walked up to my mom
and told her "watching him was worth every penny
of the price of admission".
Sorry to be such a tease-- but this girl needs her sleep.