Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maiden Flight

It has been a long haul but I thought you'd like to know
Kean is finally, finally looking and feeling better.
His rash has really settled down and his horrific
nose is not so gooky.  
And to make things even better, Kean is so much
happier (and less edgy)-- life is getting back to normal.
In fact, we all went as a family to church today-- all of us and all of it (for the first time in years).
 Kean was even decent for the children's singing time
(he petered out about half way through).
 We had a big day on Saturday.
We are leaving soon on Kean's big Make A Wish trip--
so his "Wish Granters" took the family out to
lunch to celebrate.
Grammy is going with us- so she got to come to the lunch.
 The pictures turned out really dark but this is Debbie
(one of Kean's Wish Grantor's) with Greer.
 And I got to sit next to his other Grantor- Melissa.
What wonderful, wonderful women
(and what a cool volunteer gig they have)!
 We had a lovely luncheon,
 Kean surprised us with how well he did-
and it got us all incredibly excited for our upcoming trip.
It's gonna be (to quote Greer) epic!