Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ah, the Lengths We Will Go....

A glimpse at the glamorous life we lead:  
on Tuesday, one of the PICU doctors said
Kean was quite constipated after feeling around on his 
abdomen.  So like a good mom, I plied the kid with
Miralax-- just like I did every time he had Chemo.
Well, it hit today and hard.
The boy woke up early from his nap, came out of his room
buck naked and covered in (um, you can guess).
Poor Greer was the only one home and got stuck helping
me clean the very smelly boy up.  I took care
of the room, the bedding, the bed, the hall, the toys etc.
Fast forward about an hour to when I had to go and pick
up Holland from school.  I'm almost there when I get a
phone call with Greer crying that Kean has done it again.
I called Byron, who was out in the barn, told him the situation--
and just look at how he came to the rescue.
 Of course, this was after he and Greer got
Kean cleaned up again.
I can tell you it worked:  Greer traded
her tears for giggles.
 And Kean?
Well, he got a few of his favorites (baths)
and hopefully a better feeling gut.