Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, October 30, 2015


You will never guess where I am...
sitting in the waiting room of St. Luke's
while Byron has surgery.  He's having the
plate and ten screws taken out of his leg
(they drive him insane and constantly zing him).
At least I brought my computer and can get some stuff done.
This morning, I got to go to Kean's school
for the Kindergarten Costume Parade.
I know it will come as a shock to many of
you-- but he dressed up as a motorcycle man.
 All the little kids went room to room to show off their cute costumes.
Kean (and his aid) were always at the end
and get this, the most popular.
The kid is a rock star at school.
EVERYONE knew him and wanted to give him "high fives".
 He did great giving the kids "fives" until the last few classrooms
when he started petering out.
It was so funny to see the kids he didn't pound their hands--
and how disappointed they were.
This video is from early on when he had lots of energy.
Then it was back to the classroom for a little party.
I just love the look on his face as he gets directions 
from his teacher.
 I couldn't stay for all of it but Kean started out
at the cookie decorating station
(he loved it-- took three bites and then wanted Goldfish).
 Then it was on to the game station--
for matching and a rousing match of balloon toss.
 The final station (while I was there) was crafts.
We made little skeleton and pumpkin bracelets
(which he wouldn't wear, of course).
 Just before I left, he came over and gave his teacher "Hymas"
(nobody gets a Mrs. in front of their name)
the biggest hug.
So, so sweet.
He had a great day
(Bhyron?  Probably not so much).