Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Downs and Ups

No dull moments
should be our mantra.
Lucky us.  Kean and I got to spend
much of Thanksgiving Day in the E.R.
After poking, prodding, X-rays (I refused to let
them catheter him for a urine sample)-- they determined
he has Strep and a virus.
Poor little guy.
 By the time we got to my parents, dinner was done
but leftovers still tasted heavenly.
 My Aunt and Uncle joined us-- along with lots of cousins.
And Kean perked right up once he got away from the hospital
torture chamber.
 The day after Thanksgiving, we have a tradition with all of
my cousins- we head up to the mountains, sled, snow mobile, play
in the snow and cut down Christmas trees.
My parents kept Kean so the rest of the family could go.
And Reese scored on finding the best tree.
No Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the Barker's this year.
Plus, we are thrilled to have a live one again.
We weren't able to have a live tree for the past three
years because of Kean's health.
Things are slowly getting back to normal.