Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Results

Here's an indicator of how our day at the hospital went...
 before we could even eat dinner, Kean fell asleep
at the couch-- standing up!
(Personally, I was pretty close to doing the same).
 We had another one of those humdinger days where his
port would not give up blood-- no matter how many times
we did the Hokey Pokey, wiggled his arms up in the air
or changes positions.
That port of his-- I swear.  I love it and hate it.
Ah well, he is scheduled to have surgery (for removal) on December 10th.
 All the blood challenges added extra stress and extra time
but we finally made it up to PICU, where our boy was
grouchy and hungry!
They were a bit concerned about putting him under with as much
gunk as he has in his nose.
The respiratory therapist (who we adore) triggered a very
bloody nose as she was suctioning him out.
So that added to the fun for the day.
That dribbly blood didn't stop until we were home hours later.
 They sedated him today to do some tests on his heart.
One of the Chemo drugs he was on causes heart damage
that could show up now or thirty years from now (my 
understanding is it effects the cell growth in or around the heart).
 I had it pretty good today-- lots of help keeping us from
  worrying.  We had one of our favorite nurses taking care of Kean.
Get this, Jim was one of Kean's nurses in the NICU when he was
just a wee lad-- when he was first born.
Once in a while, he gets assigned up to PICU and we have
been lucky enough to have him over the years.
 And then we had this guy-- one of our favorite friends in the world--
"THE" Jason Hosick from Camp Rainbow Gold.
It sure helps to have friends there to keep things from being
so serious.
 As we left, we came across this guy-- hanging up the plaque
for the Hall of Heroes.
 I want you to know-- I did not order this plaque with my
name on it-- the hospital did.  It's kind of embarrassing.
But... I guess my telling everyone that with the amount of time
we've spent at St. Luke's over the past nearly 7 years, that we should
have a wing named after this-- finally fell on the right ears!
I did get a call late this afternoon from the Doctor's office.
His heart looks great.  Phew.  We survived "scanxiety"
until the next time.
Oh, and Kean is starting another antibiotic.
His rash is better than it was but still definitely present.
Between that and his horrid, runny nose-- maybe, just
maybe, this time will be the charm.
And, they took him off the sulfa drug he's been on for
over three plus years- just in case that is the culprit.
Fingers crossed this will be it!



I was so happy when I got my port out....I don't care if your 2 or 102 that port is (((yucky))).