Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, December 4, 2015


It has been cold, snowy or rainy here.
Quite a shock to the ol' system after the sweltering humidity of Orlando.
But I thought I'd update you on Kean after
completing his first full week back at school.
(Plus, I had to grab this picture that actually shows
him with his hat ON-- he hates hats, gloves, shoes....).
 Kean had his best week yet.
Every day his aid, "Baker" sends home a form
she fills out that tells me what he ate, how many diapers
he had changed, what he worked on, what type of
therapy or special he had etc.
This week, for the first time ever, every day
had a good or great note.
He's starting to follow directions and class routines.
And here's the biggie-- a whole week without
pinching, pushing or pulling another child's hair.
 He's even making friends.
This week, he was invited to a birthday party (dang, can't go)
and this little homemade horse came home in his back pack one day-
from a friend in class who made it specially for Kean.
Doing a little happy dance over here!