Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, June 1, 2015


Fun night for us.
We went over to the Moomey's for a yummy dinner
and then stuck to tradition and played a rousing few rounds of Bingo--
complete with a huge prize chest.
 Kean won the first honorary prize:
a yo yo that he promptly showed off his mad skills
by threading it through his fingers and toes.
 Elly was the Bingo caller.
Obviously she takes her job quite seriously.
 Greer took the bubble microphone and purple hair (both cool prizes)
and performed the number she'll be doing in front of her school tomorrow
for the middle school awards program.
Kean has heavy Chemo tomorrow so unfortunately, I won't be
there to see her and had to settle for this.
 Then it was outside for massive Silly String fights
and water balloon fights.
 Guess you can tell what all was in the prize center.
 Kean was in heaven tonight.  He ate great, played great
and loved all the antics.
Tomorrow is his last sedated Chemo day!!!!
He's had so many of these procedures where they
put the Chemo into his brain and spine that I have lost count.
And to think tomorrow is his final Lumbar Puncture
is quite mind boggling.
We are getting there, yes we are!