Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Lamb to the Slaughter

Bet you didn't know today was
"Happy Sister Day".
Yep, me neither.
Greer decided to make it up.
I swear, Hallmark should hire that girl.
 Actually, I shouldn't ridicule.
The girls have been doing each other's chores,
giving little gifts and decorating their rooms.
Maybe, Happy Sisters Day should be everyday!
 And remember how I told you about how we had that
Habilitative Therapist come to the house last week
to help us get Kean over his hitting and pulling hair issues
and ready for Kindergarten.
Well, today he had his first official play date with a friend's son
while Dee observed and corrected.
When I asked my friend to bring over her son, I warned her
he'd be putting himself at risk.
 I can't really say they played together.
Kean played alongside him a bit, wanted the toys Levi had
and eventually took turns doing tricks on the trampoline.
I was surprised at how well he did with Levi "in his space".
Here's Kean doing his trick.
Dee, the therapist said he was probably in the "honeymoon"
phase where they are both being really nice since they don't 
know each other.
Of course, it probably helped that there were three adults
hovering over them, watching every little move.
We'll try again.
But for tonight, Levi should get a blue ribbon for
having a very one sided play date at our house.