Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can You Say "MIRACLE"?

Grab some popcorn.
We had a huge, huge day
so this will be a long post.
Kean has heavy Chemo today-- his last one sedated.
It didn't start out too well. 
His "persnickety port" wouldn't let the nurses squeeze out any blood
until after he got a dose of anti coagulants. 
I must need to learn more patience.
But thankfully, it got better (much better) from there on out.
The lady in blue-- Fabiana Huffaker was our Chemo date for the day.
In my book, she's one of the top photographers around and a dear friend.
She spent countless hours last week shooting portraits of 20
cancer kids for our Hall of Heroes gallery.
And trust me, they are stunning.  
She brought her camera along today and took some
extremely touching pictures of our little warrior-- pictures I will truly treasure.
The lady in red (the red hair) is my friend Zoe - the head of special
events for the hospital.  We had a mini meeting in the PICU
while waiting for Kean's procedures to start and plotted out 
how we will redecorate the Pediatric Oncology Unit to make
room for all of the portraits and stories of these kids.
 And then finally, it was time to start.
His Chemo went smoothly.  He got two drugs today-- one in his 
spine and brain.  So glad to have this behind us.
His Oncologist can't quite figure out why Kean's hands
(and his feet and torso-- a bit) are yellow.
He ruled out jaundice, some other condition caused
by eating or drinking too much carrots, squash etc.
and then late this evening called to rule out Thyroid issues.
So the mystery continues. 
 Here's the exciting news of the day - though.
After they finished administering his Chemo, they kept
him sedated for another hour plus.
A doc from Elks Hearing and Balance came over to 
give him an ABR-- a sedated hearing test.
 When she was done, she said to me that in all her years 
she has never been able to tell a parent that their child
NO LONGER needs a hearing aid.
That is, until today.
 He got two hearing aids when he was quite young, then it was cut down to just
his right ear.  He has fought that blasted torture device since day one.
His therapists and Byron and I have always suspected his hearing
was better and he did not need it.  
And today, we had that confirmed and had our MIRACLE.
They told me early on his hearing loss was "conductive" and that 
there was a minuscule chance of it being corrected but
that rarely happened and to not get my hopes up.
I didn't get them up but I'll tell you I have been up in the clouds
today over this news.
Somehow, we made it home in time to drop Kean off with 
my friend Calene so I could run to Holland's Middle School graduation.
 I missed the awards ceremony this morning where she got
two awards and where Greer knocked it out of the ballpark
and sang I'm told a killer solo to the school.
 It was so fun to see Holland surrounded by her good
friends and so happy.
They are all scattering to the wind next year and going
to several different high schools.
Kind of a bittersweet day for her.
Bittersweet for her but sweet, sweet, sweet for me!