Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back to the E.R. (Really?!?!?!?)

I'm not quite sure whether I should laugh or cry.
It is really ridiculous  how insane our lives happen to be.
Today, I have Kean crying, whining and wanting to be held
on and off all day.
Yep, the Chemo has hit.
And obviously, since that is not enough,
Reese was out on the trampoline this morning,
doing her gymnastics routine and walking along the metal rim.
She tripped and fell HARD right on her crotch.
Next thing I know, she comes in and blood is everywhere.
We finally got the bleeding to stop and saw that she had a good
little cut.
She stayed on the couch for the next three hours napping.
It was when she got up to go to the bathroom that the bleeding
started again and wouldn't stop.
So we headed back to our "2nd home", the hospital.
 I won't go into the gory details.
Let's just say after she was given a topical gel
and then the doctor started giving her shots in the area
"where the sun don't shine" to numb her up for stitches--
she screamed loud and long enough for the folks two towns
over to hear her!
 We ended up throwing away some of her clothes
they were so bloody-- so she came home in a hospital gown.
She felt pretty darn good while everything was numb.
 Her sweet sisters (who stayed home to take care
of grouchy Kean) made a candy card for her.
They are the best.
But boy howdy, when the numbness wore off
I thought we were going to die watching her think
she was going to die.
Actually, it just reinforced the fact that the Lord
sure knew what he was doing when he gave Kean
cancer and not one of his sisters.
I could not have handled them not handling it!
She is resting tonight, on Tylenol and watching a movie.
She is going to be incredibly bruised and sore.
What a way to kick off summer vacation, eh?
Clearly, we don't do anything without a bang around here!