Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Close Call

Reese is our shyest.
While Holland and Greer seem to have no issues with getting up
in front of anyone who will listen and singing-- this one
surprised us and decided to try out for the school's talent show.
She said she had to keep the tradition alive (both her sisters have sung).
 Well she made it-- and little Miss Brave
got up and sang in front of her school and a bunch of parents.
 She told me she was scared to death, shaking like a leaf
and not sure she ever wants to do it again!
But she did it and I'm so proud of her.
Then last night, after the big performance, we celebrated
Greer's birthday.
That's a platter of donuts-- no birthday cake for this girl.
 I think she had fun with her darling friends.
Kean was off all day, woke up from his nap sobbing
and then added to the festive atmosphere by throwing
up while everyone ate pizza.
On the bright side, he hasn't been eating much of anything,
so pretty much only threw up pedialyte.
Also, to keep things interesting (and keep Mama stressed)
he had a fever that was running just under 101 (he was 100.9).
We earn a trip to the E.R. at 101.
Alas, he seemed to feel better after throwing up-- and only
wanted to be around the ladies.
 His fever came down a bit (finally broke at 10:45 p.m.)
and he was much happier.
Go figure what that was all about.
 He woke up-- acting fine.  No fever this morning.
But he still won't eat hardly anything.
I've luckily gotten him to down some Pediasure
mixed with cornstarch to keep his blood sugar levels
from plummeting with the Chemo.
I'm actually looking forward to taking him in on 
Tuesday for his big Chemo appointment so the 
doctor can check him out and see what is going on!