Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ahoy Matey

We escaped for the weekend.
Actually, we figured Reese and Kean could be just as miserable
up at the cabin on the lake as they could be at home.
And guess what?!?!?
A little change of scenery and change of pace did wonders.
Reese amazed us with how quickly she healed and felt better
and Kean did quite well.
So -- phew!
Our neighbor Joe and his daughter Jaymie met us up in the mountains
with his sail boat.
 Kean and Reese were both banned from getting in the lake
(but we did let them dip their toes in).
 The boat had a little cabin (I thought we'd get Kean to
take a nap-- fail).
 It was just too exciting and too noisy for nap time.
 We had a grand time-- and sailed the high seas,
well, Lake Cascade for much of the day.
 We figured we logged about 25 miles on the sailboat.
 And yes, we were all tuckered out (and a few sun burned too).
 This was our view from the cabin this morning (the day
after the big boating trip).
That's Joe down there just to the left of the big tree.
He went out for an early morning sail.
I think this weekend was just what the doctor