Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Game On!

Big weekend for the Barker's... especially for Byron.
We escaped to the cabin up at Lake Cascade to 
celebrate his birthday.
 My brother and his family joined us-- we had fun exploring,
going to the hot springs and watching Byron open his presents.
Greer got him a bunch of mustache tattoos--
 Lucky for all of us, it washed off rather easily.
 As you know, this weekend was also Father's Day-- 
so Byron was quite spoiled in the "cake" department.
 It also happened to be the weekend of the Payette River Games.
Super, super cool!!
Athletes came in to this tiny town from all over the world
to compete in stand up paddle boarding.
Our favorite was the guy who had lost both of 
his arms in an electrical accident-- and he was
still one of the top contenders.
 If that wasn't cool enough to watch, Greer and Holland
were invited to try their luck at log rolling.
Ask Greer how it was-- she skunked Holland
and was so, so excited to finally beat her older
sister in something.
 We got home this afternoon-- and this was about how we all felt.
Kean slept in the car and continued to sleep on the couch
until I woke him up.
You know it's a successful weekend when you
get home rested, relaxed and yet ready for bed!