Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, March 6, 2015

Giving Thanks

Long  day for the Keanut man.
He had three therapy sessions at his little therapy school.
From there, we raced home, scarfed down some lunch, 
picked up Elly Moomey, stopped by his Orthotics doctor's office
to get fitted for his new foot braces
and then headed to the hospital.
 We had been asked way back to take part in a video St. Luke's
was shooting to be used for a donor appreciation dinner and an accreditation 
The video is a tribute to the outstanding nurses who make 
St. Luke's a special place.
Of course, we have many, many nurses we adore-- but told
the producers about three nurses in particular we especially love.
So today, they had us and these three nurses come down to the
cancer clinic for interviews and video.
Silly me forgot to take any pictures of our part-- but here's 
as shot of an interview as we were leaving.
We talked about Liz-- my favorite nurse who took care of me
when I was on bed rest on the second floor for those 75 days.
(She also delivered Kean).
We then talked about Joe-- who was so cute and went above and beyond
in taking care of all of us when Kean was so sick and fighting for his life
after his diagnosis.
And finally, we focused on Penny, the nurse in the cancer clinic we
refer to as the "Chemo Queen".  She sings and dances for Kean
when they are accessing his port or administering Chemo.
These nurses have all made such difficult experiences as pleasant as possible.
We love them and were excited to give them some recognition
for all the extras they've done for us.
And yet, the woman in charge of the project surprised us with a large
gift bag for our family as a thank you.
 Talk about spoiling us-- the girls were thrilled.
Kean was in bed-- he literally cried from
about 5:30 until 8:30.
I'm hoping he was just exhausted from his big day and
from missing his nap.
There should be something in this pile of goodies
that will make him smile tomorrow!