Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hail To The Queen

I must have some rebel blood in me
because Kean is supposed to be wearing a hearing aid on his right ear
and I'm lucky if I have enough energy (or care enough) to put it in.
His hearing loss- supposedly is minor-- so minor, he doesn't see the benefit
and neither do I.  I just see the struggle.  He hates it.
And in my book, he has enough on his plate, so I don't push it.
Well, today was reckoning day.
He had a hearing test (torture on the level of Guantanamo Bay).
Let's just say he didn't do too well.
Really, I should clarify-- he didn't cooperate.
In fact, the doctor is looking into having a brain mapping
hearing test while he is sedated for Chemo next week or
the next time.
He couldn't leave the hospital today fast enough!!!
 While Kean napped this afternoon, I got to go down to Reese's
third grade class to watch her dazzle.
The children were assigned to read a biography,
write a speech as if they were that person and then dress up
and give the speech.
 We read four books and Reese picked Cleopatra.
She loved all the wars, the forced marriage to her little brother,
the death of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony killing himself by sword
and then Cleopatra killing herself with a poisonous snake--
it read like a movie script.
She memorized her entire speech and rocked it.
 It was actually quite entertaining to hear all the other speeches.
The kids up today-- Einstein, Helen Keller, Sacajawea, Bill Gates,
Katy Perry and our little queen of Egypt.