Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, March 12, 2015

All About the Food

I guess the best way to describe Kean today is partly cloudy.
He had moments where he giggled, laughed, played and felt fine.
And then he had patches where he whimpered and just wanted 
to be held.
We did get a decent amount of food down him-- so that takes
away some of my stress.
First thing this morning, we dropped the girls off at the bus stop,
took the paper up to Grandpa Bodily's-- where Kean walked inside,
ditched his jacket and shoes, helped himself to the yogurt in the
refrigerator and walked over to the breakfast table.
 This morning he surprised us-- he got a yogurt out --
one for him and one for Grandpa Bodily.
 This evening we all headed over to the Moomey's house
to celebrate Ron's birthday.
Elly (an amazing cook) made a scrumptious dinner
and a dark chocolate and ganache cake.
 So many candles-- Ron had to have some help from the Barkettes.
 Then that crazy Elly had to keep up tradition and help the
girls polish their manners at the dinner table-- with the ol'
whipped cream with dessert lesson.
 Finally, we kept Kean from focusing on feeling icky
by feeding Pete jerky treats.
It worked great.
Gotta remember that little trick.