Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snow Cones Trump Chemo Anyday

Ah, are we ever worshiping the sun over here.
A perfect 71 degrees today-- can't order up one much better.
When Kean walked with us down to the school bus, he stopped
dead at the shed at our neighbor's- Grandpa Bodily's house 
and wouldn't budge.
Of course, this is the same shed that houses the ol' lawn mower
he is so very fond of.
Lucky for us, Grandpa Bodily offered to take Kean for a spin
on the chariot (so I could go vote on the school bond).
 Let's just say we had two very happy boys who tooled around
the neighborhood (put putted might be a better description).
 I do believe Kean would live outdoors if allowed.
Reese too.
 And I do believe, she'd live on snow cones
(if allowed).
Tomorrow's another big day for the warrior boy.
Sedated Chemotherapy at the hospital.
Dreading it big time-- but also looking at it
another one down and another month closer to being