Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Girls Chase the Boys

What a Spring Break we've had--- we played hard at the lake
for the first few days and then nearly killed ourselves off the second half.
My dear husband (many of you know I call him McGyver- because he 
can do everything) decided we were going to refinish our wood floors.
Holy cow-- what a lot of work!!!
Our wood floors actually are an old gym floor from a high school
in Arizona-- true hard wood, and I mean hard.
We sanded on those darn things for years it felt like.
 We put not one, but two coats of the hardener on it, plus
the top coat (with sanding and cleaning each time in between).
Let's just say we put in some incredibly long hours and I'm pretty
sure I won't be able to move tomorrow.
 We also carted the kids over to my folks house and ended up
staying there-- due to the mountains of dust and the
toxic fumes.
Last night we celebrated my dad's birthday and the birthdays 
of my parents' neighbors-- Janice and Bob.
(Janice is our dear miracle-- she wasn't supposed
to survive her cancer and yet is still with us and fighting hard).
 And as if we don't have enough on our plates with cleaning 
everything-- and I mean everything-- and moving it all back
into the house... we had to move Sadie and her baby, Rudy
down to the back pasture with the other cows.
 I swear it is a good thing there aren't cameras to capture
all of us chasing and hollering after these dumb cows
trying to get them to go where we want.
 Thankfully, we got them in with no extra drama
and it was crazy watching all the seven of the girl cows
we have chase Rudy around and check him out.
Byron, of course, said that is exactly how he and Kean
feel all the time- since they are "ladies men".
 I guess that makes us the chasers.


Julie Overfield said...

Such a hard-working family!

Maxine Johnson said...

Oh WOW! What a great story, Lonni. I love how you live on a farm and how you round-up the cows. It's how I'd love to live (on a farm) with animals.

& I love how you get to do your own sanding of the floor. It looks like alot of work but fun. Something you can always ponder on later on in life.

Love you all, Lonni.