Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 23, 2015

Road Trip

It is Spring Break for our girls-- and we promised
them we'd play a bit and then work a bit around the house and yard.
So off we went for a long weekend to the cabin at Lake Cascade.
Kean kept us entertained in the car with his master yoga moves.
Oh to be so limber.
 It was gorgeous up in the mountains
for most of the time.
Kean got such a kick out of feeding Reese
on the porch.
 We had a bit of a struggle getting him to eat consistently.
I'm guessing he was just out of his element and will 
get back to normal now that we are home.
 And while Kean can't go anywhere near the water
the girls... that's a different story--
even though it was freezing.
 Don't ask me how but they found bait, a hook, a weight
and some old tangled fishing line
and decided to try and catch a fish.
We spent way too much time untangling fishing line
and tying on the old bait and hook.
 Holland manipulated   talked Greer into wading out into the lake
and tying off their fishing line to a piling.
They were oh, so determined to catch a fish.
They went back today before we left
and I know you will find this shocking-- but they did not
catch a fish.
They can't wait to try it again next time!