Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pins and Needles

Kean's following continues to grow.
This kid is a super star.
Today, we recorded a half hour interview with one of our local DJ's
for our St. Luke's Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network Radio-a-thon.
While I answered questions, Kean powered through
a banana, Goldfish crackers, Triscuits and Veggie Sticks.
(I guess the Chicken McNuggets I'd bought him on the way
were just an appetizer).
Kean had his big monthly testing at the hospital today.
Not only did we have a lot of waiting ...
 but our visit fell smack dab in his nap time.
 My friend and neighbor, Cathy McCarthy came along
to help herd the boy.
 And even though he has been "off" for the past week and not feeling good-
he still gave us a run for our money.
 Did I mention it was nap time?
 Did I mention we had to wait a lot today?
 When we finally went back-- his blood draws went perfectly.
Why, oh why was I worried about him losing his port?
Of course, it helped to have his favorite Cars book they
keep at the hospital.
 His vitals are all good.
He now weighs just over 41 pounds (Reese is a whopping 47 and
she's 9 years old)!
We had a lot more waiting in the doctor's office.
And perhaps that was a good thing.... it gave us time to prepare
for the crazy news.
One of Kean's white blood cell counts is "very high"--
the doctor said something weird is going on so we are 
starting some testing.
He said he is not worried about the cancer coming back yet--
but we will try and figure out what in the world this means.
I'll keep you posted (if I'm not in an insane asylum)!
Remember, as I tell everyone, there's no reason to worry
until we have a reason to worry, right?