Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, February 26, 2016

Decision Day

How can this be?
How can so much time have passed since my last post.
I'm a slacker for sure.
Actually, things have been crazy busy.
I just got back from meeting with our Baldapalooza Executive Director
and some of the key staff at Camp Rainbow Gold.
We are not doing a big Baldapalooza event this year
but we are producing some of a huge Camp event this fall
that is gonna be "epic".  Trust me.
 I snapped this picture of Kean and Reese waiting for the bus this morning.
I think I left a lot of you hanging with our last blood work nearly a month ago.
One of Kean's white blood cell counts is sky high.
We've spent the past few weeks consulting with doctors,
running some tests and finally last week, I threw down the towel
and said we would stop all the testing until February 29th (next Monday)
when Kean goes back in for his regular screens and testing.
I feel like we need to see if it was a fluke (hopefully) or if we are 
heading in a higher or lower direction.  That way we can be more
educated and strategic in our testing.
So tune in next week for decision day.  
Geez, that sounded like a plug for the elections.  Yuk.