Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Results Are In...

Today was our big follow up testing at the cancer clinic.
I'm such a chicken.  I really didn't want to go by myself
in case the results were discouraging.
So at the last minute, my friend Colleen Riggs went with me.
She has always been especially cute with Kean.
 In fact, I think he has a little bit of a crush on her.
Anyway, here's the news-- my mama's intuition was right on!
Kean's white blood cell counts were back within normal range.
Of course, I've shaved off a few years of my life worrying
and the doctor isn't sure why- but we will gladly take it.
(And run.  No more testing!).
Every time Kean gets his blood drawn at clinic, he gets
a duck.  We got a good laugh over this one today.
Colleen christened him "Fabio".
Fabio Duck is just one of 80 some ducks in Kean's collection.
 Sunday night we had a grand time with this gang.
We met Brennyn (plaid shirt) four years ago
at the BSU Dance Marathon.
The football team usually shows up to build morale and give the students
dancing all night for St. Luke's Children's Hospital a shot in the arm to keep going.
Brennyn and Reese tore up the dance floor-- he mostly flipping her around.
It was so cute.
So he automatically became her favorite dance partner for the next few years.
Rob (in the black shirt) became our other dance buddy a few years ago.
And Kendra is the one Kean latched onto the other night
and didn't want to leave.
They all came over for dinner, dessert and a little cut-throat competition-
playing our new favorite game:  Cover Your Assets.
Rob smoked everyone!
Ah, life is good to us.