Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Den of LOVE

There is no way we have been married for seventeen years!
Part of me feels like it was yesterday
but the bigger (and more tired) part of me feels like
we've been married for centuries.
Oh, how I love this guy. 
 And out crazy girls.
They sent us out on a date last night
with homemade fabric wallets (courtesy of Reese)
and twenty bucks inside each of them.
 We went and had yummy Thai food on them
and then a movie (The Martian-- which was great-- intense but great)!
Look what we came home to-
as Byron referred to it:  "the den of love"!
 The girls went streamer crazy in our room...
left chocolates and other treats on the pillows
(well, in front of them anyway)..
 I kinda had the theme from Mission Impossible going through
my head-- our room looked like we had infrared beams all over it.
 This was my favorite part-- we thought it was a B with an L
through it- but it is actually the "&" symbol.  There are tiny hearts
on each side:  one says husband, one says wife.
 And then there was the 17 years sign...
 the chocolate hearts all over the floor...
 and this little gem:  Anniversary Barbie with an old
photo album they dug up from my bridal shower!
 Oh yes, and one glass of sparkling cider to share.
It made our night...
and the seventeen years we've been married
worth every minute!