Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dancing With the Stars

Friday night we went to one of our all time favorite events.
One we have been blessed to be a part of due to Kean's cancer.
(Another one of those few but incredible perks).
Get this, they had 950 students sign up to dance from Friday
afternoon straight through to Saturday morning-- all to raise
money for St. Luke's Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network.
(This is Friday afternoon when everyone is first arriving).
All the dancers are assigned to dance for a certain honored child--
that's Kean's picture first on the left.
When we first arrived, Kean was given his Pink team "Champion" t-shirt.
 I wasn't sure how he would handle himself- especially with
all the loud base-driven music thumping all night.
But let me tell you, the kid was in his element.
Of course, who wouldn't be when constantly given attention.
He loved the bounce houses...
and was totally in love with the music.  Well, to be honest,
was likely in love with the fact that he danced much of the night
away with several pretty co-eds.
He particularly fell hard for this lovely girl, Kendra.
In fact, she ended up joining our family on stage a couple of times
because he didn't want to let go.
So, welcome Kendra to the family!
Here's a picture of Kean up on stage at the beginning of the evening--
as they introduced all of the "champion" kids.
It was so cute.  They introduced them like they would a world famous boxer.
They said things like:  "weighing in at 42 pounds... "
 I don't think I saw much of Reese the entire night.
She was off jumping, dancing and eating the entire campus
out of cotton candy and all the other yummies they had around.
 All too soon (according to my girls) it was time to leave
and say goodbye.
 The best part though, came right before we all headed home
leaving the kids to keep dancing.
They lined up-- at least 700 of them and formed the longest
human tunnel I've ever seen.
All the champions and their families ran through the tunnel
getting high fives and lots of love and encouragement.
Kendra carried Kean the entire way with me behind.
It went on and on-- first I can't believe Kendra's arms didn't fall off
and second, it was so very touching.
You go to something like this and your faith in the future
of our country is completely restored.
(Clearly, I need to stop watching election coverage).
These students are not only sharp, driven, organized and
real go-getters.  But wow, do they have heart!
Their goal for the evening was to raise 80 grand.
They shattered that goal (I'm not surprised at all) and raised
a whopping 114 thousand dollars-- all to help kids like Kean.


FMonty said...

I'm Kendra's mom and she forwarded me your blog after telling me about her night with Kean. He surely opened her eyes a little more and made her entire night. Thanks for having such a great loving boy. Kean will always hold a special place in her (our) heart.

Lonni Leavitt-Barker said...

Hi Kendra's mom! What a lovely, lovey message. We adore your daughter. We just hope we haven't overwhelmed her with our loud and rambunctious kids. Please let us know when you come to Boise to visit. We'd love to meet you!