Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Disney Idaho

Lucky boy.
Kean had a play date yesterday with our friend Colleen Riggs
while I had my first board meeting for Baldapalooza.
We are determined to go to the next level.  We've pulled
together an impressive group of men and women to serve
on our board and ratified our legal paperwork to become
a 501c3 non profit.
We also played our new video we will be using to gather support.
It tells the story of Kean and how Balda got its start.
It is on our website at:
As I mentioned, Kean had such fun.
His day started off a bit rough.
He, for the first time, didn't want to go to school
and his aid texted me about 45 minutes into their day
telling me that Kean just wanted to sprawl out on the floor
underneath a table and rest.
I guess he pulled it together because I never heard back
from his aid after she said let's give him a little more time to come around.
You'd  never know he was in a sour mood
by looking at these pictures.
Colleen said he was wonderful.
And who wouldn't be.
An afternoon with her is almost up there with Disneyland.
She took him to McDonald's for lunch (where I'm told
he had a grand time dipping everything in his sauce-- his
McNuggets, his fingers, his straw)!
 Then it was off to the library where he made friends with
the statues out front.
I can't tell you how much I love these pictures.
It is as if he is trying to get the little girl to get that mouth 
in gear and get reading to him!
Then it was back to her house for a four wheeler ride
(I'm sure he's in love) and a visit with the horses.
What a day-
and what a night.
He slept great!!!