Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Black Magic

Zany might be the word for the day.
Byron went in to give Reese a hug goodbye before he 
left for work this morning.  As he stuck his arm
under and around her pillow-- he found this-- a metal spoon.
Reese was pretty groggy but Greer was happy to answer
his question as to "WHY?".
(Because, if truth be told, she had one under her pillow too).
Evidently, they somehow got it into their heads that if they "kissed
a spoon and slept with it under their pillows" -- today would be declared
a snow day (no school).
Um, didn't quite work.
But, seriously, where do they get this black magic stuff?
We about died laughing.
Kean got to wear pajamas to school today.
I'm certain as I changed him out of the pajamas he slept
in-- into another pair of pajamas, he thought I was crazy.
It was Polar Express day in his class--
and look at this cute picture his aid sent me of
the boy with the conductor.