Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Little Snow and A Little Surgery

We had a little weekend escape up to the mountains
and Lake Cascade.  Here's our view from the cabin--
gorgeous, just gorgeous.
 I don't think the Barker's can do boring.
Reese let Greer bury her in snow (for 40 minutes-- she swears
she was cozy warm)-- all on a dare.
 Everyone went out for an afternoon of snow mobiling.
Byron took Kean for about twenty minutes.
 The girls (and our friends the Borup's) were on other sleds...
 Kean LOVED every minute of the "cold" snow cycle ride.
And let me tell you, he was one unhappy puppy when
I took him back to the cabin for a nap while the rest of the gang
went on a snow mobile adventure.
 You know it was a good trip when the kids come back to 
our home and we find them snuggling on the couch- out cold.
By the way, we have a big week this week.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) Kean has all of his monthly
testing at the hospital to make sure that evil cancer stays away.
And then on Thursday, it is surgery time.
He is getting the port taken out of his chest.
Big, big day.