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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Results

Well did we ever start today off with some excitement.
About five minutes before Kean's bus came, his very first tooth
decided to exit his mouth.
I think Kean was a bit perplexed as to why Reese and I were 
so very excited.
 This afternoon we had his monthly testing at the hospital
to make sure that ol' enemy-- cancer is staying away.
Since this will be his last time using his port (he has surgery
on Thursday), I thought I'd walk you through how it all works.
After we numb it up at home and the nurse takes off
the "sleepy cream", she has to clean it with a very stinky
astringent.  My dear friend Pam Brown went with us today
and as you can see has to hold his hands and head up and away.
(We actually had to sanitize his chest twice because Kean licked it.
Ewww.  Gross-- if it tastes anything like it smells!).
 The worst part is usually inserting the thick catheter needle--
I don't think it really hurts him-- it is probably just some pressure.
But basically, inside his chest (we call it his third boob) is the port--
which I like to think of it as a rubber filled thimble.  The port
is connected to the main artery leaving the heart-- so all the Chemo
he used to get would go right into that main artery.
In today's case, we used his port just to get blood for all the 
tests they ran.
 However, once again, his port decided to live
up to it's nickname:  Persnickety Port.
He probably had some clotting or film grow over the port--
so the poor nurse could not get any blood- no matter
how hard she tried or how many different positions we put Kean in.
 Even though we earned an extra hour to our visit
(they had to order and administer an anti-clotting drug- TPA
and then wait for it to work- which it did), Kean was soon
all smiles.
 Love this picture-- gappy smile and all.
 Miss Jen- his favorite Child Life Specialist (it is her job to play with
the kids) gave him a darling red sweater as part of the Red Dress Project.
A little girl died of cancer a few years back.  This little girl
LOVED everything about red dresses.  When she died and her friends
asked her parents what they could do to help-- they answered donate red
dresses.  They now give out hundreds of red dresses each holiday season
to little girls fighting cancer and red sweaters to little boys.
By the way, that hard to get blood carried good news.
Kean's counts are looking good.  No worries and his immune
system is slowly starting to build.
Here, here!


Tomg said...

My father had to deal with a Port for his dialysis; not a fun venture. I'm glad Kean is past this challenge. Happy days are here again. Merry Christmas Mele Kalikimaka & Aloooooo-ha...!