Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, December 14, 2015


Kean has done remarkably well in the healing department.
In fact, I only gave him pain meds for the first day
and he went to church yesterday and school today.
He's such a stud!
We've been busy.
I guess I should say, who isn't?  It is December, after all.
Greer and Reese joined three of our neighbor girls
to play elves at the nursing home.
Grandpa and Grandma Bodily (the Gobily's)
serve as Santa and Mrs. Claus each year.
 The girls were quite the talented elves.  Not only
did they pass out candy canes to all of the folks, they
serenaded them with several Christmas Carols.
 I just had to include this picture.
Aren't they the cutest?
I was asked to give a speech to about 150 women
at the Crane Creek County Club.
It was so much fun.  I didn't have to prepare a lick--
I was asked to share our Make A Wish trip.
At each of the table settings, they had a little card
telling the story of some of the Make A Wish kids--
including Kean.
 This was the group of ladies I sat with for the lunch
portion of the event.
It was so fun to get out and we raised enough
to grant two children their wishes!
 And finally, Greer had her school's holiday concert.
Remember, she goes to the Fine Arts school and is a 
"vocal major".  
She was selected to do a duet with another student--
and I have to say (and really, it is not because I am biased)
she and her friend were one of the very best.
 There were lots of great numbers but Greer and Nicci
sang their hearts out and had fabulous stage presence.
It was so great to see Greer 100 percent in her element.