Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Third Boob Is History

Ah, Kean is one brave boy.  Either that, or he is completely numb 
and checks out each time we are in the hospital.
 He breezed through today's surgery.
Probably, because we had Grammy along for moral support.
 He had to wait (fasting) for hours before they came for him.
They let me dress up in what looked like a garbage man suit,
go back in to the operating room and hold him until he got
enough gas and was out.
 His surgeon said all went well and he came out of the anesthesia
with no problems (just an extra dose of grouchiness).
Oh and did I mention he was hungry and thirsty--
4 pieces of bacon were the appetizer.
 I thought you'd like to see what his ol' port looks like.
The purple part with the rubber insert is what caused the bump in his chest.
Then, the tube (it is cut short) threaded up his chest and connected
up near the right side of his collar bone to the main artery
that leaves the heart.
Much of his Chemo was administered through
this little device.
It will make a great show and tell some day.
Finally, a memory I'll want to hold on to forever is this:
as we were leaving this morning Reese got up early to smother Kean
with goodbye kisses.
She told him when he comes home tonight, he won't have his port anymore,
he won't have cancer anymore but...
he will still have Down syndrome.
It was hilarious.
That girl.