Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In the Thick of It (and Cow Pies)

Thought you'd like a little update on "Plague Central".
Let's see, I'm finally better.
Reese, who was sick over the weekend is better.
Holland is getting over the gunk
and Greer is down hard tonight with a fever.
I've decided Kean, with his lousy immune system,
is catching just about everything at Kindergarten, bringing it home
and sharing the love with the rest of us.
The boy, himself, is doing much better but still
has that awful, itchy rash on his face (and is therefore a bit edgy)!
We had good news though, we had our rescheduled doctor's
appointment early this morning with the specialist he sees
for those scary Hypoglycemic seizures.
And now that he's off the Chemo (we hope he won't
have any more) we don't have to go back
for another YEAR!!  Whoo hoo!
 We had some other good news this evening.
For the past several weeks Byron has been trying
to get one of our cows rounded up to bring back home
(she's been at "summer camp" at my cousins).
She was in a pasture with two other cows who turned out
to be quite the bullies.  Every time Byron tried to round
her up, they cut her off etc.
 My studly cowboy husband has spent countless hours
trying to catch this cow!!
And tonight he got her and got her home.
We celebrated with "cow pie" cookies.
And yes, they tasted better than they look.