Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cancer: the Gift That Keeps Giving

Oh do I ever have a lot to catch up on.
There just hasn't been time.
Last Thursday, we had another one of Kean's big post-Chemo
check-ups.  It is hard to believe it has already been a month.
Even though we don't really have "Chemo" dates anymore, Kean
still had two babes on his arms.
Holland and her friend from school, Lauren came along
(to interview one of the Clinical Dietitians for a school project).
 It was so nice to have "Hottie"  (Kean's version of Holland)
along with us.
She must have been a good luck charm.
We finally had no problems drawing blood from the boy.
 We saw Kean's primary Oncologist- Dr. Camilo
and he has no idea what it causing the awful, itchy rash
on the boy's head.  Everyone seems to think it is either a
virus or a reaction to a sulfa drug Kean has been on for three plus
years (and is supposed to keep taking until the end of the year).
We also set up a bunch of sedated testing on Kean's heart.
Get this, one of the Chemo drugs he was on causes heart damage.
And the possibility of the damage doesn't lessen with time-- he
will have to have his heart tested regularly for the rest of his life.
That #$%@ cancer-- the gift that keeps giving!
 On to better news-- Holland's school put on a big
Haunted House.  Holland was recruited to be a scary doll 
come to life.
And let's see on the school front, we've been pulling Kean
our of Kindergarten each Friday to keep his intense therapy
(OT, PT, and Speech) all in a row.
We had our big yearly review.  Kean for the past month
has 1.  been exhausted for all of his therapies
and 2.  has made it clear he does not want to be there.
So we have decided to take a break and call off these
therapies to hopefully get his energy level up and to find a better day 
in a few months where he can be around more children at his level
(the kids who are there on Fridays are very delayed and that has 
only added to his frustration).
Let's face it, after three plus years of house arrest-
this boy is ready to be social.
And he was all smiles as he said goodbye to his
 And finally, I will be trying to get ANOTHER doctor's
appointment tomorrow with a Dermatologist
to look at Kean's rash.
 I don't know that it looks worse tonight but it is certainly
more itchy.
We were up at the cabin for the weekend and
poor kid woke up every two hours to protest
and let us know he wasn't happy.
I'm done with this waiting game and trying 
to keep him calm while it clears up.
Three weeks is too long!!!