Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Making Friends With the Enemy

Another surprise.
I thought once Kean had all that icky Chemo out of his body,
we'd see an end to the constant battles to get him to eat.
Um, not so.
It is as bad as ever.
So bad, I talked to his Oncologist about it.
The Doc says it is quite simple:  food has been the enemy
for so many years-- making him nauseous, tasting like metal etc.
It should be of no surprise he still doesn't trust food.
Meaning, we are starting at square one-- trying to "make
friends with food".
Any suggestions on how we are supposed to do that, please
send 'em my way.
Meanwhile, I have found one thing he is "best friends with"
(even though I think it looks and smells like vomit).
The ol' Chef Boyardee's Ravioli.
 He polished off an entire can for lunch today-
would have nothing with my fish tacos for dinner
and asked for another can of Ravioli.
At this rate, I'm wondering if investing in Ravioli stock
wouldn't be a wise move.
While the boy was napping, (came home
exhausted from Kindergarten again),
a dear friend came to visit.
She and her family are moving to Arizona.
They've been through the ringer with her husband's
brain cancer.  He's done with his treatment but 
still struggles with some of the side effects.
So if any of our Arizona friends have any connections
in the Prescott area-- he needs a new career.
One that isn't high stress, too loud or too intense.
Stupid cancer-- that ugly gift that keeps on giving!