Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


So it has been pointed out to me by several dear friends that I am
not keeping up on my blog.  I know.  Sigh.
It's been a rough week.  I've been sick-
then Kean started throwing up for a few days (to go with
his cough and goopy nose).
And now, for the past six days we've been dealing with
an ugly, itchy rash on his face, neck, scalp and behind his ears.
 We are used to rashes with this boy.
One of his old Chemo meds used to cause him
to break out every month.
 But this one is different-- and he's not on those drugs anymore.
 I talked to his Oncologist this past weekend when he was
throwing up but he didn't have us go to the E.R. (phew).
We had an appointment with his Endocrinologist
on Monday but get this, Kean's bus was fifteen minutes late
bringing him home from school and we were therefore
ten minutes late to the doctors office.
They told us we were too late and had to reschedule.
So there went my opportunity to have another doctor
look at his rash.
 Since it isn't getting any better, I took him 
into the Pediatrician's office this afternoon.
Sigh.  They don't know what it is--
either a virus or a reaction to an antibiotic he
was on weeks ago (rare, but happens)
or one one of the remaining drugs he's still
on but has been taking for the past three plus years.
Go figure.  Your guess is as good as mine.
Let's just hope whatever it is, he gets over it fast.
I'm so ready for this kiddo to get a break.