Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Fire

So I failed miserably in finding a Dermatologist that would
get Kean in asap.  Trust me, it wasn't for a lack of trying.
I found plenty willing to see him in a few weeks
or even a few months.  What's up with that-- with all these rashes
do Dermatologists not keep any emergency appointments available?!?!?
Instead, I took him to see his Pediatrician.
Here's a bit of good news-  he's eating better and has
gotten back up to his "fighting" weight.
 As for his rash?  It is looking a lot better today but is
incredibly dry and itchy.  His doctor today said it looks
like a cross between the Measles and someone who has
had their skin scalded with boiling water.
Notice, the runny nose that is back.  He's had a faucet for a nose
for about three months.  It went away for about six days 
when he was on antibiotics a week and a half ago but unfortunately,
now it is back-- and as prevalent as the rash on his face and body.
 He doesn't seem to have a sinus infection but he does have
fluid in his ears.  So he is back on antibiotics (geez, four times
just this month-- can't be good).
She is putting him on a steroid ointment for his rash
and I'm hoping this will give him some relief.  I just couldn't find a pharmacy
that had it this evening (tried four-- but was promised the prescription
will be in in the morning).
His doc also spent quite a bit of the time we were there
consulting with an Infectious Disease doc.  They are
cautiously watching him (and having me watch for signs) in case
he is allergic to the Sulfa drug he is on.  He's been on it
the entire time he had cancer and is supposed to stay on it
until about the end of the year.
If he's not looking markedly better by Monday, we will go
have the Infectious Disease doc examine him.
Oh joy.  More appointments.  Here's hoping he
rounds the corner soon, soon, soon.

 Tonight we got to forget all about itchy rashes
and long, long doctors appointments
and party with about a hundred teenagers.
 All the youth from our church congregation
had hay rides this evening and ended up at
our place for a massive bonfire (yes we had to get
a permit and warn the neighbors)
and then have hot chocolate and donuts.
 Kean was totally into it.
Well, not so much the fire but the two donuts 
and cup of hot chocolate he snarfed down.