Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Dozen

I'm still pinching myself that Greer is actually 12!
Guess it is true in that about a dozen of the girls from
our church came over to decorate her room as a birthday surprise.
 I love this very sweet tradition and clearly, so does our girl.
She's having friends over Friday night-- but
opened a few cards and gifts tonight.
 Don't ask me why... but she's wanted a pair
of suspenders for about forever.  I'm afraid we'll
be seeing these on her every day from here on out.
 Of course, we had to have her favorite dinner
and a little cake.
 Speaking of cake, you'd think Boy Wonder
would be all over that.
Nope, he continued his aversion to food from yesterday--
hardly eating anything today.
My friend Calene came over this evening (well after dinner)
to bring Greer a gift.
And somehow we got Kean to eat some chicken and cake--
while he was swinging!!
Hey, whatever it takes, right?