Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Her Guts

So I think I just might start taking applications or at least keeping
list of who wants to marry this girl.
She plays the violin, draws, is an epic babysitter, a hard worker,
darling, sweet and has one of the kindest souls ever.
 Oh, and did I mention she sings?
Non stop.  We have to ask her to stop singing to eat dinner or say a prayer.
Well tonight, she got to sing her guts out.
Her orchestra teacher for the first time decided during their
final concert to have the 6th graders play a pop tune.
Of course, Greer knew every word so she asked her if she'd like to
sing a solo-- accompanied by the orchestra.
Another boy in the group insisted she wasn't the only one 
who could sing-- so he got to join her.
Here's a little taste.
And did I mention she has the sweetest soul?
She came home and took her little brother
for a ride on the "Greer Express".


Karen Peterson said...

Her singing video wasn't long enough.. I wanted more!! Thanks for sharing.