Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Meeting of the Minds

Today was a big day for Kean- even though he didn't realize it.
This afternoon I met with a huge group of educators about
Kean starting school in the fall.
Let's see, it was the principal, the school district's head of Special Ed,
the school nurse, the school psychiatrist, the speech therapist, the occupational
therapist, the physical therapist, the kindergarten teacher, the extended resource
room teacher and me.
I totally lucked out and Colin- the teacher that handles all the education
at the hospital for the cancer kids drove out to sit next to me,
address Kean's health issues and coach me through the meeting.
In short, it couldn't have gone better.  They are flexible about 
him trying to start school at the end of August or waiting another month
until he's done with Chemo.  It will all depend on his health and counts.
And here's what was so beautiful about the meeting- at least for me-
there were about 10 items they needed from us.
For example, all of his therapy reports, a letter from his Oncologist explaining
why he is so far behind on his immunizations etc.
When we left, I had two things on my list--
Colin from the hospital had 8-- 8 things he will
totally take care of!
How did I get so lucky?
Okay, I'll be adding a thank you note to my list
but that's nothing.
One more thing, Kean's runner, Clair will be running a grueling race 
on behalf of our little guy in Kentucky tomorrow.
My hope is someday he will understand how so many people
have done so many kind things for him.