Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Show Off

Today was one of those jammed packed days.
Kean had Physical Therapy with Andrea this morning
and she tried to work him while I did a radio interview
on Baldapalooza over the phone.
He wasn't too cooperative.
 Which was kinda scary in that we had the Special Ed
teacher and the Speech Therapist from the school he will
attend next fall coming to the house to observe him.
Get this though, he was on fire for Maureen--
a total show off for the ladies.
 This afternoon, we dropped Kean off with my parents,
picked the girls up early from school and headed to the airport
to see Mark Moomey come home from serving a church mission
to Holland.  He's been gone for two years.
 Mark and Tim (in the middle) both worked for Byron
for a few years leading up to their missions.
So it was good to see "Slave Boy #1" and "Slave Boy #2"
reunited with their master!
 The girls and I had made posters to help welcome him home.
It was such fun to see him after all this time.
 Then it was "make sure the pool works" time at Grandpa
Bodily's house.
He's been getting it cleaned up and warmed up
for Greer's birthday party tomorrow night.
 Kean was a wild man.
I have a feeling we'll be living in this pool for much of the summer.