Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Clap, Clap

The bad news is Kean had a pretty rough day.
You could tell he was hurtin' and just wanted to be held.
The good news is he had moments of relief tonight
where he seemed happy and comfortable.
We are getting there, yep, we are.
Kean got a special little "pick me up" today--
this brand new C.D. was given to us.
The Runaway Hamsters are a group of siblings- triplets plus one.
They started a band to help raise money for a friend at school
who was fighting cancer and from there they skyrocketed.
This is their new c.d.-- produced by Dolly Parton's 
music director and trust me, if you have children, it is a blast.
I put it on tonight and Kean perked right up, clapping his hands
and smiling.
With their "give back to the cancer community" history, we thought
they'd be such a fun opener at Baldapalooza this year.  So if you
are coming, you'll get to hear them play a couple of songs.