Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Road Rash (Ouch)!

Poor Kean.
On our way down to the bus this morning, he crashed and crashed hard.
Bloodied face and bloodied knuckles.
 Any day we get even a skiff of snow, Reese begs to take him down
on a sled.
 Normally, they're both all smiles.
(This was from last week).
Today?  Not so much.
 She got going a little too fast and wiped out.
I'm not sure who cried harder-- Reese felt so horrible for hurting Kean.
Come to think of it, this may be his first ever natural "ouchie" -(one
not given to him at a hospital).
Oh, he cried and cried and stopped crying and bleeding
moments before the bus came.
I sent him to school  but get this, they called and had us
come get him.
I guess you can't have a kid at school with an "open wound"--
their description.  And since there is no way on earth he'd keep
a bandage on, he earned a day off of school.