Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, January 1, 2016

Life and Death

Huge thank yous for all of the birthday wishes.
This was a big one for me-- we had great plans to head up
to the cabin so I could hide from the world and avoid any celebrating.
My dear friend, Elly Moomey had planned to cook a birthday feast
for me up at the cabin-- but at the last minute we cancelled the trip
(don't dare leave with those cows all so close to having babies)!!
So she cooked up a storm at my house and invited my dad, Byron's mom
and our neighbors- the Bodily's.
 The way I see it is why not celebrate getting old with the
best examples of elderly coolness I know!
  Dinner was magnificent (eat your hearts out-- Elly is an incredible cook).
And it was the perfect way to chalk up another year around the sun.
 Elly may be a terrific cook but she is a horrific influence on the girls- ha!
They have this horrid tradition of eating whipped cream right out of the bottle.
And they love it!
 That was Wednesday.
Thursday, I spent the afternoon at a grave site service for
a 9 year old boy who died of cancer.
Rashid wanted to be a police officer when he grew up-
even though we all knew he never would.
A few months back, the Boise Police Department made his dreams come true.
They put him through training, had him graduate as an officer
and then immediately solve a crime involving the Boise State Football team.
It was a beautiful story -- on every level.
If you have a few minutes, here's a link to their video:
The funeral was heartbreaking.
Rashid's mother is only 25 and she wailed loudly throughout the entire service.
I know I wasn't the only one who wanted to go to her and just hold her.
I've never been to a Muslim funeral-- it was very interesting
but the sweetest part came at the end when all of the men
went over and shook hands with the long line of police officers
(including the Chief of Police)
who were in attendance.
It was the only picture I felt comfortable enough to take.
 Minutes before I got home, we had another calf born.
If you are keeping track-- this little boy makes 3
with 5 more cows still to deliver.
Um, they would, of course, choose the freak cold snap
we are having as the time to give birth.
This one seems to be fine.
The mama did what she was supposed to.
The other two babies are looking good too.
 This has been one stressful vacation.
I keep telling the other girls to keep their legs crossed
and hold off delivering until the temperatures go up in a few more days!
Meanwhile, we went to a fun New Year's Eve party last night
(Kean fell asleep by 8 so Byron took him home)...
and we had our traditional Bingo Fest (with dollar store prizes)
all afternoon today.
Happy 2016.
I'm praying for a dull and boring year
even though I know that's a pipe dream.