Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Got To Be A Normal Mom Tonight!

This is a horrible picture because it makes it look like 
Kean is in pain.
He's not, he's just not excited about going to bed.
But he does have a good ol' fever tonight, a horrific
runny nose (yep, it never really went away)
and his face is starting to look slightly rashy again.
But here's the bright side.
Even though his fever was over  101-- 
I didn't have to rush him to the hospital for once
AND... I got to give him Tylenol.
Now that his port is out, I get to treat him 
like a regular toddler with a fever.
It has been years since I've gotten to do that.
And even though I'm a bit nervous about this fever
(I will be for every fever for the rest of his life),
we will just see what happens.
Plus, we are already going to the hospital tomorrow.
Can you believe another month has passed
and it is "Scanxidety" time again?
(Tests to make sure the cancer is staying away).