Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What the Hail?

Usually, it is quite beautiful here - weather wise.
Most days the girls play outside or as pictured on this day
help their Grandpa plant a new tree. 
Today was quite different.
While Keanut napped the weather went from sunny to scary.
From light to very, very dark.
I was out picking tomatoes for dinner and the sky seemed to literally be boiling--
with clouds in the distance looking like they could easily turn into a tornado.
Literally minutes after I got back into the house
the heavens angrily opened and rain and hail poured out.
This picture was taken after things settled down.
 But just take a look at the evidence.
The girls were kept at school until the craziness passed.
Byron was drenched to the point his cell phone in his pocket wouldn't work for an hour until it dried out.
So glad Kean slept through most of it.
I thought the windows were going to break from the hail hitting them.
What a wild afternoon.