Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Rodeo Queen

I think the kids would rate today as a Super Saturday.
Kean got in his requisite lawn mower rides while the girls
headed to the lake for a friend's birthday party.
 I must've had the wrong friends growing up.  'Cause I don't remember
going to any birthday parties where we got to surf, tube and picnic at the lake.
 My poor, deprived children never get to do anything fun, do they?
 Less than an hour after they got home, we headed over to the Bingham's house for a BBQ.
Their children raised four pigs for 4H this year (3 were auctioned off at the fair) and the guy in
the foreground is headed to that great frying pan in the sky next week.
Byron (who grew up on a farm) got Miss Fearless to climb on top of their cow.
 Don't ask me how she stayed on.
The next little girl who climbed aboard twice-- didn't even last long enough for her dad to get a picture.
We sure love living where we live.