Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pinch Me!

I can't believe 9 months of planning, sweating, stressing and working have come to this.
I feel like I'm about to give birth to a bouncing baby Baldapalooza.
Well, me and a whole lot of other people who worked to make this happen.
Today was another crazy day.
But crazy good.
In between 3000.6 phone calls, emails and small crises, the main board
headed over to the home of Waking Jordan.
All four members of the band live together and
when we got there the entire house was shaking with music.
It was loud and fabulous to hear them play.
Plus, we had a great lunch with them-- and two of our headliners-
Ryan Innes and Amy Whitcomb.
 They truly are down to earth, fun to talk with, great to know kinda people.
From left is Sam Schultz (their manager), me, Lori Swanson (our event chair), Ryan Innes, Amy Whitcomb and Dustin Simpson (our music coordinator).
 I had to leave to run a bunch or errands for the event, then get back and pick up Amy at 4 to take her to Mimi Marie's
Boutique for an outfit to wear tomorrow night.
She is wonderful.
Finally tonight, Byron, the girls, and I met up with a few of our key sponsors, many of our volunteers
for a dinner and "thank you" concert.
Ryan, Amy and a few other artists put on an intimate evening and the music was incredible.
We all felt pretty lucky for the experience.
Tomorrow night is going to be unbelievable.
It starts early.
I'm picking up Ryan and Amy to be on Channel 7's morning show.
Tune in from 8 to 10 a.m.
See you at Baldapalooza.